A website to capture your last wishes informally but seriously, and share them with a few trusted people, or more widely.

Why? Because most people have an opinion on their funeral but for various reasons (the subject is taboo, fear of worrying relatives, superstition, etc.), have not talked about it clearly to their relatives. Because it's simpler for those who remain to know what their loved one wanted, especially if memories differ... And because we should be able to change our minds during our life and simply share that.

The tone. Simplicity and lightness! the subject is sufficiently heavy as it is; we want it to be easy to make a Little Testament, not depressing!

Primordial for us! The protection of your personal data: the instructions you leave are for your trustees and no-one else (unless, of course, you chose to publish them). Ecology and an economy that respects humans.

Our hope. That this site is widely used, that it helps people to talk to each other and that it hosts your wishes for many years to come!