Buried or incinerated ? In a cemetery or in the sea ? Mozart's Requiem or Bowie's Space Oddity ?

My Little Testament is not an official testament but allows you to leave your last wishes, without taboos and at any age.

If you have a definite opinion on the question, it's better to share it straight. If you don't care, say so too, it will avoid endless questions!

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Tell if you prefer cremation or burial, choose your resting place, add other wills and share all this with few persons you trust; here's what is My Little Testament

Why make a Little Testament?

It's done in three steps!

I create an account

I create an account

Create an account now and change your last wishes as you go along.

Unlike your epitaph, your wishes are not carved in stone!

I fill out my file

I fill out my file

Say everything that is important to you: the place where you want to rest, the ceremony that suits you, the photo for your obituary notice, the little things to give, etc.

But keep your valuable legacies for your notary.

I share my wishes

I share my wishes

Give access to your folder to some close ones: they have immediate access to your last wishes, so that you can talk about them and avoid any misunderstandings.

You can also choose to publish all or part of your folder on the site.

How much does it cost?

Free for « the essentials »

Capturing and sharing the choices we feel are essential is available to everyone who registers on the site.

Each person can express his or her preferences concerning the fate of his or her body (organ donation, burial or cremation), his or her final resting place and funeral (secular or religious).

Premium access: 6,90 € per year

The premium access, in addition to supporting our approach, allows you to enter more detailed wishes by being guided through multiple categories: end of life, persons to be informed, obituary, readings and songs, epitaph, symbolic gifts, internet life, memory, etc.

For each will, you can add an attachment (photo, text document, etc.).

Public registry

In this register, you will be able to find the wishes of people who did make public all or part of their last wishes.

By default, a Little Testament will only be visible to your trustees, but if you publish it, it will be findable by your first and last name.

Imagined, conceived and maintained in a good mood and with care for your personal data