Frequently asked questions

What can I put in my Little Testament?

You put in your Little Testament the things that matter to you and that you probably won't tell a notary: what you want done with your body, the ceremony you don't want, the song that will make everyone cry and make your best friends smile, the picture where you're not too ugly and the letters to be distributed. You can also remind people of your choice regarding your end of life and organ donation. But this is not the place to bequeath your second home to your lover or your valuable jewellery to the little neighbour!

Who can read my Little Testament and when?

Your trustees - if you designate any - can read your entire Little Testament as soon as they have created their account and accepted your invitation. This allows your loved ones to know what you want and to discuss it if necessary.
If you publish certain items, anyone who knows your last name, first name or alias can access these items via the site's search engine.

Why do I have to log in at least once every 5 years?

By logging in to your account, you indicate that the wishes entered are still valid. A Little Testament that is "forgotten", despite our e-mail reminders, will be automatically deleted.

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